1.Read the article bellow.Match the paragraphs 1-3 to the descriptions a-e. There are two descriptions that

1.Read the article bellow.Match the paragraphs 1-3 to the descriptions a-e. There are two descriptions that you do not need.

a. Why people like reality TV
b. The beginnings of reality TV
c. The end of reality TV
d. Making money from reality TV
e. Problems with reality TV

The first reality TV show in the world was called Expedition Robinson and it was shown in Sweden in 1997. Half the population of the country watched the final episode and a new kind of TV programme was born. Two years later in Holland, the first series of Big Brother was filmed. Again, it was a fantastic success and the final programme was watched by million people. There are now more than 20 countries around the world which have Big Brother or Survivor on their TV screens. The ordinary people who take part in the programmes are known by millions of people in their own countries and reality TV has become big business.

For the TV producers, reality TV is a dream come true because many of the programmes cost nothing to make. At some point, the television viewers are asked to telephone the programme to vote or to apply to take part in the show. It is the cost of these telephone calls that pays for the show. One of the most popular shows is Pop Idol. In the show, a group of attractive people are made into pop stars. The viewers vote for their favourite person on the show. The winner makes a record, his or her pictures are published on the covers of magazines, millions of copies of the record are sold and then they are quickly forgotten.

But not everyone is happy about reality TV. In Portugal, two TV channels got into trouble because they showed too much of the private lives of the people in the shows. In France, reality TV is called rubbish TV and the studios were attacked three times in one week. In Greece, Big Brother ways described as an insult to human rights and civilization. But despite the problems, reality TV continues to do well in most countries and it will be here for a long time.

2.Read the article again and tick (+) the things that are mentioned in the text.

1.Reality TV started in Sweden.
2.The prize money for Survivor is $1 million.
3.Many countries have reality TV shows.
4.Some people get married after being on a reality TV shows.
5.In the UK,Big Brother is more popular than Survivor.
6.Reality TV makes money when the viewers make phone calls,
7.Loft Story and Pop Idol are the names of reality TV shows.
8.Loft Story has been very successful in France.

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